Automotive Injection Moulding

Automotive injection moulding is a key process for the automotive sector, due to its versatility, low production costs and high levels of accuracy and safety. It can produce high volumes with a rapid turnaround time too, which is crucial for car components that must be manufactured in bulk and shipped to multiple destinations fast. We mould a wide range of top quality plastics and polymers using our state-of-the-art injection moulding techniques, including those suitable for high-performance engineering. It really is the best option for mass production, bespoke design and high volumes in the automotive industry.

Our injection moulded products have been put to work across the automotive sector in the UK and abroad for many years, thanks to our extensive experience and expert knowledge of the sector. Just as you and your clients rely on your cars and other vehicles to work properly and perform every time, so too can you rely on our products to get the job done to a high-spec finish and with impressive accuracy and durability.

Inside the automotive injection moulding process

We can design and manufacture pretty much any type of plastic component or item needed for automotive assembly, from the tiniest plastic fastening to large and complex assemblies. The process begins with a customer briefing, during which we work closely with you to achieve the perfect design. This is turned into a rapid 3D prototype, which is then used to finalise the design and work on any revisions that may be required. We are proud of our track record of delivering mouldings on time and to budget, working round the clock in three shifts, five days per week if necessary to complete your order.

Our customers choose us for our comprehensive design, development and prototype expertise, enabling them to tweak their designs to achieve total satisfaction before moving on to the mass tooling moulding and assembling production stage. We are ISO9001 compliant and have been for more than 13 years, meaning that you can be confident that our work stands up to exacting industry standards. We make it our business to keep track of key developments and updates from the automotive injection moulding world too, and to take advantage of the advancements in thermoplastic technology.

Automotive products

Automotive injection moulding covers a huge range of products used in car engines, exterior fittings and interiors. This is an increasingly important market for us, as the automotive sector is hitting an all-time high with record manufacturing in the UK.

Automotive products manufactured using plastic injection moulding include:

  • Fascias
  • power steering
  • tyre pressure sensors
  • fuel systems
  • window and windscreen surround
  • interior trims
  • radio controls
  • suspension mechanisms
  • engine management components
  • headlight surrounds
  • bumpers
  • spoilers
  • number plates
  • mirror casings
  • cabling accessories.

Thanks to the flexible nature of the process, we can create automotive components to a bespoke specification to meet our customers’ needs exactly. The light nature of our polymers means that our components can fit into the sleekest of performance cars without adding unnecessary weight. If you have a vision but are not sure how to get it started, we can help you turn it into a reality using our straightforward, highly accurate and effective plastic injection moulding process. We can also offer automotive physical and mechanical testing, as well as weathering testing and a full plastics processing service.

We serve other sectors too…

Our automotive customers have come to rely on our ability to deliver high-quality, low-cost plastic injection moulded parts, tools and components for vehicles across the UK and beyond. However, we don’t just work in this single sector. We are also a leading supplier to the medical sector, as well as defence and security, agriculture, construction and retail. Our quality standards are exacting and everything that we produce is subjected to rigorous safety testing and quality control.

Adreco Plastics offers injection moulding services that cover the entire engineering process, from initial design to the delivery of your finished products, completed to an exact, bespoke specification and to an agreed time schedule.

Want to find out more Adreco’s automotive injection moulding services?

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