Agriculture injection moulding

Many farms and agricultural companies are switching to plastic injection moulding as a low-cost alternative to using metal. Adreco Plastics is committed to providing high-quality plastic injection moulded parts to this crucial sector at competitive prices, without compromising on product quality. As injection moulding technology advances, so we can keep pace with the increasing demands of the busy agriculture sector. We work closely with farmers, agriculture consultants and other experts to produce the durable, flexible and above all effective plastic components and equipment needed to keep the wheels turning at farms across the UK and abroad.

One aspect of your work that we have found cropping up time and time again when working in the agriculture sector is the question of sustainability. The greater focus on environmental concerns means that our customers are seeking reassurances that the products that they are buying are built to last and won’t need to be replaced in a matter of months. At Adreco Plastics, we take pride in the durability of our work, and the fact that our plastic injection moulding methods are subjected to stringent quality control tests to make sure that they will last for ages.

Why choose plastic injection moulding?

The breadth and scope of what can be achieved via plastic injection moulding are astonishing. Customers with very precise requirements can take advantage of the custom moulds to create exactly what they need. Results are lightweight, tough and durable, able to withstand being kept outside indirect exposure to the elements.

We start the process by taking a full brief, liaising with you, the customer to create the perfect design. This is then turned into a prototype using our custom moulds and state-of-the-art plastic injection moulding machines so that we can work out any minor revisions prior to the main production stage. Our experts will help you select the right polymer for your needs and talk you through the various characteristics and advantages of all the available options.

All our materials are top quality and fully compliant with all relevant manufacturing industry standards for peace of mind. We work round the clock, five days a week across three shifts to ensure that orders are completed on time. The process is then completed with a full round of quality checks.

Injection moulding on the farm

Agriculture brings with it demanding working conditions, which often involve heavy wear and tear and frequent exposure to adverse or extreme weather. Farmers need to have easy access to equipment, vehicles and tools that work as hard as they do, which is why our robust plastic injection moulding methods bring with them many advantages on the farm.

Modern plastics and polymers offer astonishingly high levels of durability and impact resistance. They are lightweight, easy to clean and stand up well against moisture

and dust. They can withstand adverse temperatures and can be kept outdoors without degrading. Finally, the plastics used to offer a hygienic finish, which means that they can be included without concern in applications and equipment used for feeding, watering, birthing, milking or cleaning animals. This also offers valuable reassurance regarding health and hygiene around the harvesting, handling and storing of crops

The injection moulding process is compatible with both large-scale assemblies and producing tiny components that form crucial parts of the cogs and mechanisms inside agricultural machinery. Large numbers of identical plastic components can be manufactured at one time too, resulting in perfectly accurate results every time and the opportunity to create spare parts for easy repairs later on. This accuracy helps farmers enormously during their busier times, such as harvest or livestock birthing seasons, as they know they can rely on the injection moulded equipment they need to work as it should do, every time.

Plastic injection moulded components and products can be found in a wide range of farming applications.

  • Crates, pallets and bulk containers
  • Tubs, baskets and bins
  • Animal troughs
  • Pesticide sprayer drone parts
  • Agricultural machine parts and spares
  • Irrigation system components
  • Brushes and cleaning equipment
  • Packaging and animal feed sacks
  • Water tanks
  • Exterior equipment covers

We serve a variety of industries

We have built up a pleasing customer base in the agriculture and farming sectors and we enjoy working closely with them to meet their bespoke requirements. However, the work doesn’t stop there. We also work across a number of other industries, including medical and healthcare, defence, automotive, construction, retail, packaging and lighting. Our injection moulding services cover the entire engineering process, from initial design consultation to the manufacture and delivery of finished products, completed to your exact specification and preferred time schedule.

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