We’ve been looking back at what’s been going on at Adreco Plastics since Sam Hill took over the business…… seems a long time since this article appeared in PRW , back in December 2012! Below the article, you can find out what’s new at Adreco.

Adreco Plastics Sam Hill

Adreco Plastics now employs 26 staff and we have moved from a 4 day/week day shift to operating 24/5(quite an increase in production!)

We have re-branded and become more sociable! You’ll see our Facebook and Twitter links on the website and we now have a presence at the major Plastics Industry Shows.

Investment in new Injection Moulding machinery has increased the top end of our machine range to 250 tonnes.

We have also invested in new ancillary equipment, including state of the art material rotor dryers, material conveying systems and product conveyors. The latest and favourite addition is our 5 axis robot.

The Injection Moulding, Toolmaking and Assembly areas of the factory have undergone major re-organisation and we are adopting “lean manufacturing” processes.

We have continued to work within the Medical and Packaging sectors but have broadened our client base enormously.  We now work across several sectors including

Construction, Retail-point of sale, Automotive, Defence, Beverage and are working with large charity organisations.

Our Design and Toolmaking division is going from strength to strength and we have become particularly adept at handling tool transfers smoothly and efficiently with minimum fuss or disruption to production.

A successful Apprenticeship Programme is now in place; crucial to ensuring that the vast skill and experience within our team is passed on to those coming up the ranks.

So, looks like we’ve been pretty busy over the last 2 ½ years and we can expect to be for some years to come! Will keep you updated with news about Adreco Plastics