Tooling Design Services

Tooling Design Services are a core part of our business. In order to create an injection moulding tool, it’s always best practice to work from full CAD files of the component. If these aren’t available, we can work from your sketches or descriptions in order to create these CAD files.
During this process, we can undertake a DFM (Design For Manufacturing) assessment to ensure the best balance between efficient manufacturing and component features. We will also be able to give advice on the optimum materials suitable for your needs.
Our philosophy is to prepare design concepts simply practically and to ensure the design is clear in its function and that the 3Dgeometry is clean.
Tooling Design
Our design studio is fully networked and connected to the tool making facility meaning that CAD(computer-aided design) data is fed directly to our CNC(computer numerical control)machining centres, allowing a speedy and smooth data transfer between systems and good communication between our skilled engineers.

Rapid Prototype Tooling

From component CAD files, we can produce a prototype tool in less than 15 days.
There are times when it is sensible to create a tool still capable of low-to mid-volume part production, but one that is capable of processing
real engineering-grade thermoplastics. This allows the functionality of the component to be fully tested. It also allows shortrun manufacturing of up to 5,000 parts, in order to bridge tooling before moving to large scale manufacturing.
As the component is produced in a finished material,
our Rapid Prototype Tooling has obvious benefits over a prototype created using a 3D printer (which can be brittle)

Component Prototypes

design services

If a tangible part is required quickly without the cost of any tooling, we are able to offer component prototypes manufactured using 3D printers, within a few days.