In-house Tool making

tool making

We excel in professional tool making and our tooling comes with the piece of mind of a comprehensive guarantee. We believe the quality and product performance of a moulded component is a reflection of the mould tool.

A skilled and experienced workforce is employed in a clean and modern working environment. We are disciplined and employ the best housekeeping practices in our tool making facility, promoting professionalism and the required accuracy that ensures our manufacturing process exceeds a customer’s specification. Having our in-house tool making facility allows us to carry out routine maintenance and repairs on site. This is often possible while the tool remains in the injection- moulding machine, reducing downtime. We also offer all- inclusive packages allowing our moulding customers to enjoy free tool maintenance and repairs, offering budget certainty.


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We have in-house all the necessary machinery required to manufacture new injection-moulding tools, These include…

  • CNC milling machines
  • CNC lathes
  • CNC wire eroders
  • CNC/EDM spark eroders.

A comprehensive plant and equipment inventory allows us to consider all options available when constructing the correct mould tool to achieve the project requirements. We also achieve the best balance of quality, value for money and lead time.




Tool Transfers

Once the decision has been made to move tools to Adreco, you will find that we are highly experienced and able to complete a successful transfer smoothly, with minimum fuss and the least disruption to your requirements. Tool collection will be free of charge.

We are also happy to advise regarding your part in the process, for example by building stocks in advance of the move and offering stock holding if required.

We will always commit to the following:

  1. We will attend the site of the incumbent moulder to ensure the tools are packaged correctly and in a condition suitable for transfer.
  2. Once the tools arrive at Adreco they will be inspected and carefully assessed. Any general maintenance work will be carried out free of charge and should there be any problems with the tools, we will make the necessary recommendations.

Overseas Manufacture

We are committed to manufacturing in the UK; however certain tool making projects, such as large suites of tools, are well-suited to some or all of the processes being undertaken by our partners overseas. For example, we have worked on projects where the main bolstering (framework) manufacturing is undertaken overseas and for the cavity and core sizing (the technical bit) undertaken at Adreco in parallel. Then all components come together and the tool is finished at Adreco. This allows us to offer the very best leadtimes, without compromising on quality. Adreco oversees the entire tool design and manufacturing process so specifications and quality of materials are consistent with those agreed.