Injection Moulding

Plastic injection moulded products

Reliability, quality and value for money are the hallmarks of our Plastic Injection Moulding service. In addition to a comprehensive tool manufacturing service, Adreco specialises in supplying injection moulded components in a wide variety of thermoplastic polymers.

Our professional and technical approach, from a team of experienced and skilled staff, allows us to operate a flexible and versatile, total manufacturing service across three shifts 24/5.


plastic injection moulding machinery

We are well equipped with modern plant and injection moulding machinery operating with the size range of 300kN to 2500kN (30t – 250t).


List of Injection Moulding Machines (Download)

We also have a full range of ancillary equipment including:

  • Automatic material- loading systems
  • Material dryers
  • Additive/Colour dosers
  • Robots for component removal
  • Conveyors and Separation systems
  • Granulators


tyoes of plastics and polymers

We have the experience  and are able to offer injection moulding, in any type of thermoplastic polymer.

The variety of different thermoplastics from basic commodity polymers to advanced and specialised engineering grades is vast. We have the expertise to advise on suitability of materials and to carry out necessary trials.

We have strong relationships with a number of polymer distributors, ensuring speedy and cost- effective material supply.


We currently mould a large range of products, everything from simple, small widgets to more complex and larger assemblies, across a wide and diverse range of industries. We’re particularly skilled at working with clients on brand new product ideas and can assist with design , advise on the best materials for the purpose and will always look for the most cost effective solutions for a project.



Take a look at two of Adreco’s own moulded products which we can supply at very short notice: Classicplax our own plant marking system and Mixer nozzles in a wide range of sizes/designs.